The Land & Life Foundation is a non-profit organisation that improves the lives of communities living alongside wildlife in East Africa, so that they feel the benefits of wildlife conservation, and in turn, support the protection of wildlife for generations to come.


We strongly believe that the sustainability of our wildlife and habitats depends on four key actions: securing land for conservation, protecting wildlife species, providing tangible benefits to communities living around protected areas, and educating the next generation.

We design projects and support local partners who share our vision, raising money from a range of non-governmental sources to support the running and development of these projects.


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As our populations grow, trees will continue to play a key role as we confront challenges of climate change, food shortages and sustainable livelihoods. Forests serve as safeguards against possible hardships for communities during times of famine and other events that negatively impact wildlife and conservation. They provide them with jobs in wildlife tourism as well as food and medicines.  

Many of our country’s remaining forests are under increasing threat because of human activities.  It is imperative that we teach our youngsters from an early age the importance of planting trees and conserving our forests.  Which is why we have made it a mission to plant 100,000 indigenous trees in conservation areas where we work, through our wildlife warrior clubs in our school network.

Planting trees to save wildlife and livelihoods


In our flagship program, the Wildlife Warrior Program, we use fun, interactive conservation activities to educate over 500 children each year attending local schools about the importance of protecting wildlife and its environment. We also identify top conservation scholars for sponsorship from primary to post-graduate level, so they can become the conservation ambassadors of the next generation.


The Land & Life Foundation works hard to raise funds to secure land for conservation and protect wildlife species across East Africa. Our programs rely totally on donations and all of our operating costs are covered by Elewana Collection and Cheli & Peacock Safaris. This means that 100% of all donations go directly to the communities, schools and projects we support. Based in East Africa, we are also partnered with a 501(c)3 for US citizen tax relief.


Educating the next generation of conservationists