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Seedballs Kenya has inspired similar projects around the world.

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Few years back a video had gone viral on Facebook in which little charcoal balls were being thrown in the open by Kenyan children and people. Those balls actually had seed inside.


The charcoal not only protected the seed but provided initial nutrition to the sapling after it started germinating, thereby ensuring strong growth and better chances of its survival.


Little did anyone know that soon those seed-balls will find its place in Surguja region of Northern Chhattisgarh.


Currently, the seed balls input technique is being tested in Bhoramdeo wildlife sanctuary, Barnawapara sanctuary and Jungle Safari.


“In 2018, Dr Daniela a biologist from Kenya had visited Surguja who had introduced us to the technique, which we found interesting and adopted it,” said Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF) KK Bisen, while adding the results were quite effective and encouraging, with about 80 per cent success rate.


“This is really a very interesting and cost-effective technique in which, seeds are placed inside a fertile soil/nutrient filled small balls which are then dried and stored. It is then dispersed which starts germinating after receiving first rain showers. The seeds through this technique grow better as compared to traditional sowing method,” Dr Lalji Singh Head of Department Forestry Indira Gandhi Agriculture University Raipur said.


According to Dr Singh, the saplings germinated out of seed balls are much sturdy and healthy as compared to normal seeds.


In Jungle Safari we have prepared 50,000 seeds balls ready to be sprinkled, CCF Bisen said. The department is trying to transfer this technique to the villager. At village level, the raw materials are readily available and only requirement is knowledge of this process, he added.


He assured that if anyone wants to test then, they can take 25 seed-balls. “I am confident that they will get 25 saplings out of those 25 seed balls. The only thing is that those saplings should be protected from grazing and fire,” CCF Bisen concluded.

Kenyan seed-ball technique finds home in C’garh

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 | Ankit Mishra | RAIPUR

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