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David Sheldrick

Wildlife Trust

Big Life Foundation

The World famous David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and have partnered in seeding deforested areas of the Tsavo ecosystem. Seedballs are delivered on foot, from vehicles and by aircraft into areas where trees have been removed to the extent that self-seeding is critically impaired.

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"Through determined efforts from the Aerial Unit with prompt and consistent follow-up from our teams on the ground, we have been able to stifle charcoal-burning activities in Gazi almost completely. As has been mentioned in previous reports, the connection between charcoal burning and poaching has always been known, but the true extent of that relationship has only recently been revealed. To mitigate the damage that has already been done by charcoal burning, we have partnered with Seedballs Kenya to distribute thousands of indigenous seeds encased in a biochar delivery system to ensure high rates of germination."

Big Life Foundation partners with Seedballskenya in a seeds for Seedballs co-operative arrangement.

Tawi Lodge

Tawi Lodge is a Gold rated Eco-lodge in Amboseli.  They are actively spreading Seedballs within their conservancy as part of their environmental restoration programme.

Kilima Camp

Kilima Camp is a Gold rated Eco-lodge based in the Masai Mara.  Kilima is active in tree regeneration using Acacia Seedballs within their watershed.

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Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine is a supporting member of the Seedballs Kenya Team.  At her annual solo art show at The Talisman in Nairobi Amy promotes and gave Seedballs to those attending the opening night.

Vintage Air Rally

from crete2cape

The amazing Vintage Air Rally adopted as part of their environmental greening initiative - "aerial seedbombing".


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The Talisman Restaurant in Karen, Nairobi have been active supporters and promoters of the Seedballs Kenya Initiative

Tropic air



Tropic Air are actively involved indistribution of Seedballs over areas of the Laikipia Plateau and The Northern Rangelands Trust.

Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine Art Studio,,.



We would like to thank all our partners who are involved in the Seedballs Kenya initiative.  Without your support there would be far fewer trees growing in Kenya.  Thank you so much!

The Safari Collection - Seedballs Kenya

The Safari Collection owns a portfolio of four luxury boutique camps and lodges in the finest locations in Kenya.  They are helping regenerate the environment with Seedballs.

The Safari


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Cottars - Seedballs kenya - tree seeds -

Cottar's Camp Safaris are helping to restore the environment throughout their wildlife conservancies using Seedballs.

Cottar's Camp Safaris


Anselm Kitengela Hot Glass is now selling Seedballs through their retail outlets at Village Market, Junction and their amazing glass studio in Kitengela.


Anselm Kitengela

Hot Glass

Mara Elephant Project - Seedballs Kenya- tree seeds

The Mara Elephant Project is helping to regenerate and refforest the environment by distributing Seedballs - predominantly over the Mara North Conservancy.  They will also give Seedballs to local schools and Rangers to distribute.


Mara Elephant Project

Woodlands 2000 Trust is partnering with Seedballs Kenya and distributing Seedballs around the country to compliment their field visits.

Woodlands 2000 Trust

Woodlands Trust- Seedballs Kenya - tree seeds

Kicheche Camps

Kicheche Camp Seedballs Kenya

Kicheche Camps are actively participating in indigenous tree afforestation within their conservancies.

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Liberty Africa Safaris  - Seedballs Kenya 2 logo logo_VAR_final_compact Mara Elephant Project - Seedballs Kenya- tree seed LWT Seedballs Kenya
Odysseys Unlimited - Seedballs Kenya Talisman The Safari Collection - Seedballs Kenya tropic-air-charters-logo urban green consultants - Seedballskenya - tree se Woodlands Trust- Seedballs Kenya - tree seeds Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine Wildlife Artist Seedballs Kenya..

Chardust and Cookswell Jikos are partners of Seedballs Kenya.  Together they have researched and developed Seedballs.  Chardust is involved with manufacture and Cookswell Jikos is involved with marketing and distribution.

Chardust Ltd

Cookswell Jikos

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Teddy Bear Island Seedballs Kenya

Teddy Bear Island

Trout Tree Restaurant Nanyuki Seedballs kenya


Dasmesh Sikh Union - seedballs kenya Migwi Farm - seedballs kenya Mlango Farm Best Camping - seedballs kenya 2 rvo bikes - seedballs kenya Logo Blk png
Madoido - Seedballs kenya -

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Simply Art Seedballs Kenya
Acre-Africa-Seedballs kenya
Land and Life Seedballs Kenya Oserengoni Wildlife - Seedballs Kenya