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Many thanks to Pauline and Joe from the BBC World Service and everyone else who helped so much with this very fun documentary shoot about our work helping reseed Kenya's forests!

Teddy infront of the BBC Seedballs Kenya

One million and one thanks to for helping us spread the good word about planting more trees in Kenya!


Please make sure to check out the full article in their excellent in-flight magazine on your next trip with them! Asante Sana!!


Issue 28 Feb-April 2018.  Page 8.

Many thanks to Fly540 and SAX Airlines!

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Tree Seedlings



WDR state TV  germany

Seedballs Kenya will feature in the German programme about reforestation in Kenya.

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Global Landscapes Forum

Susie Seedballs Kenya --

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, Landscapes News published a series of stories honoring women with a laurel for their dedication to improving the landscape. In this profile, Nadia De Souza of Lion Guardians wrote about Seedballs Kenya's Susie Kinyanjui.

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Many many thanks to Deutsche Welle TV for this very fun short documentary on how to plant trees using a slingshot!



Planting trees with a slingshot

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The seedballs that could reverse Kenya's deforestation.   One social entrepreneur hopes that by using specially-coated tree seeds, Kenya's lost forests can be restored.


Part of our series Taking the Temperature, which focuses on the battle against climate change and the people and ideas making a difference.


Video producer: Joseph Vaneeckhout; Producer: Pauline Mason


Seedballs Kenya will feature in the BBC series Taking the Temperature, which focuses on the battle against climate change and the people and ideas making a difference.



Meet the squad bombing forests to grow more trees

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A pilot readies himself to distribute tree seeds from the sky using a helicopter. The method is being practised by conservationists working with Teddy Kinyanjui (inset) who deals in eco-friendly products. PHOTO | COURTESY

Saturday December 9 2017            By PAULINE KAIRU

dailynation Independant Seedballs kenya

How 'seed bombing' could help Kenya's dwindling forests



Tiny seedballs sow new trees in bare land, eliminating the tedious tree-growing process and helping to combat deforestation

Evelyne Makena

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Kenyan schoolchildren using slingshots to plant trees  


Nairobi: Schoolchildren in Kenya are helping to fight deforestation by planting seeds using slingshots. It’s part of an initiative by the company SeedBalls Kenya, which makes and sells seedballs globally. It encourages children to have slingshot competitions using the charcoal-covered seeds instead of stones. About 2 million seedballs have been planted in Kenya in the past year and a half in what has been called “guerrilla gardening.” Kenya’s government has recognised the threat from deforestation and earlier this year imposed a temporary logging ban that was extended in May by another six months. AP

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1 million seedballs distributed in 1 and a half hours!

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Seedball dispersal products designed by ISK STEM Engineering Students

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Slingshots in hand, Kenyans work to replant vanishing forests


Dominic Kirui




Children planting trees to create forests of the future

In October 2018, the DSWT launched a new project aimed at inspiring school children to start planting trees. The two-pronged approach involved a large-scale seed-balling initiative in Chyulu Hills National Park (CHNP) and a tree planting competition involving 731 school children from 4 different schools also bordering CHNP.


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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4th Private Sector Conference on Sustainable and Inclusive Business


Teddy is speaking about 'THROWING TREES' & Seedballs and at the Annual Conference in Nairobi.  Fri 17th May. See web site below.

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