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On foot seedballing - Seedballs Kenya tree seeds

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Aerial Seedboming - Seedballs Kenya Aerial Seedboming - Seedballs Kenya

Aerial Seed-Bombing! Proof of concept on how to hoover seedballs out of an aircraft for distribution. These balls each contain an Acacia xanthopholae (yellow fever tree) seed at their center encased in a hard capsule of charcoal dust, binders and nutrients to see them through safely to the next rains. Grass seed can be included as 'companions'. Eight indigenous tree species are now available on order and stocked in Nairobi and Nanyuki.

The inaugural aerial acacia tree seeding trials with the biochar seedballs


By Plane

SEED-BOMBING, or in some cases aerial reforestation, is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping seed balls. Often, seed bombing projects are done with arid or off-limits (for example, privately owned) land.


Seed-bombing is also widely used in Africa; where they are put in barren or simply grassy areas. With technology expanding, the contents of a seed bomb are now placed in a biodegradable container and "bombed" grenade-style onto the land. As the sprout grows, the container biodegrades into the soil. The process is usually done as a large-scale project with hundreds dropped in a single area at any one time. Provided enough water, adequate sunlight, and low competition from existing flora and fauna, seed-bombed barren land could be host to new plants in as little as a month.


Seedballs have use in nearly any region where plants can grow: for reseeding ecosystems into areas of man-made deserts, avoiding seed eating insects and animals and protecting seeds until rains fall to soak the clay ball and stimulate the seeds. Seeds contained in such balls then germinate in ideal conditions for each climate/region.

What is Seed-Bombing?

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One of the sections of the new SGR with a bag of charcoal most likely made with trees chopped down from this same area.

Re-seeding an abandoned murram quarry dug for the Standard Gauge Railway with acacia tortilis seedballs.

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Let's re-green Kenya!

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