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Seedballs Kenya in TV, Press & Media


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Over 364 000 views
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Environmentalist & Movie Star reposted the World Economic Forum's Seedballs Kenya Video.  

Many thanks Mr DiCaprio!

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Episode 5, Human Worlds

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Meet Teddy Kinyanjui, an environmentalist who wants to eradicate deforestation through seedballs

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Ministry of Environment and Forestry Kenya


Official account for Ministry of Environment & Forestry Kenya

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2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference

Join Jack Harries as he journeys to the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Along the way, he’ll be speaking with those who don’t have a seat at the political table - those who’ve done the least to cause this climate issue but who are feeling the effects the hardest - and taking their stories to the world leaders at COP26. Guest-starring Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Jamal Edwards, Poppy Okotcha, Simon Amstell and more.

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No, these aren't animal droppings. These little round gems, known as Seedballs, are helping to reforest Africa.

Seedballs were one of our most memorable finalists of Index Award 2019; since then, they've made waves all over the world. From international features on virtually every major news network, from CNN to the World Economic Forum, to inspiring new Seedball chapters to open-up across Africa and Asia.

Seedballs Kenya, BBC, Green Planet, David Attenborough, series, regreen, reforestation,
Photos courtesy of Big Life Foundation - Shaun Mousley
Mike Mwenda

Seedballs: an innovative way to restore drylands

Trees were felled en masse by colonial administrators to fuel a train across East Africa, while land today is cleared for agriculture and charcoal production as Kenya's population grows upward and outward.

In a tranche of razed forest bordering the Maasai Mara National Reserve, a team of rangers scatter generous handfuls of "seedballs" around the bald clearing to give nature a fighting chance to regenerate.

Seedballs Kenya, BBC, Green Planet, David Attenborough, series, regreen, reforestation, Masai Mara Elephant Project rangers

It takes just minutes for the eight rangers from the Mara Elephant Project, a conservation group, to toss some 22,000 seedballs across this ravaged corner of the Nyakweri Forest, which was destroyed by charcoal burners.

WDR State TV

Von Norbert Hahn, ARD-Studio Nairobi
Director's Cut 10'
Seedballs Kenya, BBC, Green Planet, David Attenborough, series, regreen, reforestation, OCB
Extended Version 20'
Watch the documentary  by OCB, featuring Seedballs Kenya and Teddy.  

Sit back, see the work we do and take in the spectacular scenery of magical Kenya.

Syedna donates seed balls to re-green Kenya

The Dawoodi Bohra community’s spiritual leader, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, who celebrated his 76th birthday as per the Islamic calendar on December 17, 2019, has donated 76,000 seed balls to Kenya to mark the occasion.

Kenyan Tech Start-up, Usiku Games has developed the Seedballs Game to help aid reforestation of Kenya’s lost forest cover as part of the country’s target to increase its forest cover to 10 percent by 2022 from the current 7 percent.


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Seedballs Kenya -,_edited.jpg

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

 Children planting trees to create forests of the future

In October 2018, the DSWT launched a new project aimed at inspiring school children to start planting trees. The two-pronged approach involved a large-scale seed-balling initiative in Chyulu Hills National Park (CHNP) and a tree planting competition involving 731 school children from 4 different schools also bordering CHNP.

Kenyan schoolchildren using slingshots to plant trees  

Nairobi: Schoolchildren in Kenya are helping to fight deforestation by planting seeds using slingshots. It’s part of an initiative by the company SeedBalls Kenya, which makes and sells seedballs globally. It encourages children to have slingshot competitions using the charcoal-covered seeds instead of stones. About 2 million seedballs have been planted in Kenya in the past year and a half in what has been called “guerrilla gardening.” Kenya’s government has recognised the threat from deforestation and earlier this year imposed a temporary logging ban that was extended in May by another six months. AP


Kelly-Marie Martin


This Charcoal-Coated Seed Could Bring Kenya’s Forests Back to Life

Deforestation is causing a major ecosystem crisis in Kenya. Seedballs Kenya has created a solution to help.

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